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PowerEdge 3800 3S LiFe Battery 9.9V 20C RX / ECU battery

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Capacity Voltage    Length Width Height    Weight    Wire Connector   Balance Tap 
3800 mAh     9.9V                                                                                                                                                                                            12 AWG Silicone, 20 AWG Univ x2   Optional JST XH



  • Includes 12 AWG Silicone Wire leads, 2 20 AWG Silicone Wire leads with Universal RX connection (JR/Hitec)
  • Up to 5C charge rates.
  • Equipped with the JST XH standard balancing lead that is plug n play to all integrated balancing chargers
  •  Deans, connector installed.
  • Includes instruction manual for proper use, charging and disposal
  • 90 Day Manufacturing Defect Warranty
  • 1 year 50% Damage/Crash Replacement Warranty