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PE 2600 2S TX battery

PE 2600 2S TX battery

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PowerEdge Lithium Solutions 2600 7.4V (2S) TX battery pack. Over 20 hours of continuous use! Supported transmitters are Futaba 8FG, 12FG, Hitec Aurora 9 and 9X and  Airtronics SD10G. Select your SPECIFIC TX from the pull down menu.

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  • Charge Rate: 1C / 2.6 Amps or less
  • Do not discharge below 6.0 Volts
  • Pack Weight: 3.6 Ounces
  • Pack Size: 25 mm x 16mm x 92mm
  • Balance Connector: JST XH.

The PowerEdge 2600 TX pack is a "plug n play" drop in replacement for your Futaba 8FG, 12FG, Hitec Aurora 9X or Airtronics SD10G tx's. Over 20 hours of continuous use (settings dependant) makes this tx pack the longest lasting pack on the market. Charge only with a lithium polymer balance charger.


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