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PowerEdge Lithium Solutions PE21002SLiFe-20C
PowerEdge LiFe Battery 2100 2S 6.6V 20C RX battery
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PowerEdge Lithium Solutions LiFe 2100mah 6.6V (2S) 20C RX battery.  Includes 2 universal 20 AWG silicone battery leads and a set of 14 AWG silicone wires factory installed.


  • Charge Rate: Up to 5C. 5C Charge rate MUST be done through the 14 AWG silicone wiring.
  • Pack Weight: 3.9 Ounces including connectors
  • Wire Gauge: 22 AWG x 2 and 14 AWG silicone wiring
  • Pack Size: 20mm x 29mm x 94mm
  • Balance Connector: JST XH - Align Style
  • Discharge Connector: T-Plug

New! PowerEdge 2100mAh LiFe RX battery. Super lightweight, high energy density makes LiFe the ultimate in RX battery chemistry. Voltage regulators are NOT needed with LiFe batteries. Only charge with LiFe compatible charger.

The PowerEdge 2100mAh battery has 2 factory installed 20 AWG silicone universal battery leads and 14 AWG silicone wiring factory installed. Both universal battery leads can be used to the RX via a switch (5 amp rated switch required) or the 2nd battery lead can be used for charging. Use the 14 AWG silicone wiring for High Amp charging or to connect to a power distribution system or RX capable of this connection, ie Spektrum

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Good product
Harry Minot (Dallas Texas) 11/30/2013 6:44 AM
Switched to the life chemistry after my Hyradmax nimh battery would not hold a charge for very long anymore. This battery just does not seem to loose voltage. I do not know how many flights I can get off it yet, but I know it is at least 6. Could not get more than 3 of the Hydramax battery.
Will never go back to A123's
Desmond Brown (Charlotte) 7/23/2012 2:45 PM
Been using A123's for quite awhile now and they started to fail. I got them replaced and they failed again. I started to use the PowerEdge life batteries since Joe Nall and I like them better than the A123's.
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