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Balance Tap Config Guide

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EV Peak
EV-Peak CQ2 AC/DC 200w 4 Port Balancing Charger
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Detailed Description

  • Features

    AC/DC dual input

    Four independent circuits can charge 4 different kinds of batteries at the same time

    Maximum safety:end voltage control,capacity limit,automatic charging current,safety timer,temperature cut-off,short-circuit protection,polarity revised protection

    10 Battery memories

    AC Input voltage 110V-220V
    DC Input Voltage 11-18V
    Charge power max.50W*4
    Discharger power max.5W*4
    Charge current range 0.1-6.0A
    Discharge current range 0.1-2.0A
    Balance tolerence ±0.01V
    NiCd/NiMH battery cell count 1-15cells
    LiPo/LiLo/LiFe battery cell count 1-6series
    Pb battery voltage 2V - 24V
    Digital Power 3V - 24V


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